Audio Buddy

Audio Buddy is a centralized volume manager. It holds all your phones volumes in one convenient place. In addition, it acts as a widget that you can place on your homescreen to get instant confirmation of your current volume settings. Audio Buddy lets you save profiles in order to more easily get to the volume settings you desire. There are a few widget styles to choose from, where the widget itself ranges in size from large (4x1), medium (2x1), and small (1x1).

\'Small 1\' was the original widget, and Audio Buddy\'s premise came from it. We saw a few different audio manager apps in the Android Market, but none had what we wanted: more control over the app itself. There are many settings to explore to customize Audio Buddy to your preferences. We hope you enjoy Audio Buddy as much as we do. We are open to adding more widget designs, so if you have an idea, just let us know (preferably with some art). If you have any problems, suggestions, or comments, please let us know by emailing us. Also, if you wouldn\'t mind, please rate and give us feedback in the Android Market.

This app will allow you to keep this information where ever you are including when you are talking to a mechanic. Hopefully be using this app regularly when you get maintenance done, you can better gauge how your vehicles are doing and if maintaining a vehicle is costing too much.

Audio Buddy Pro has all the great features of Audio Buddy, but plus more, including the ability to schedule profiles to be loaded at certain times. It is definitely if you have ever forgotten to turn down your phone volume. Also, Audio Buddy Pro has the ability to create shortcuts to any of your saved profiles. If you use one or more profiles very frequently, having the ability to create a shortcut on your homescreen to directly load that profile may be useful. Audio Buddy Pro is currently priced at $1.99. If you looking for an app that does all that was mentioned, or would just like to donate to us, please check out Audio Buddy Pro. By doing so, it will also be ad free.