Network Issues ( Update )

Mar 7th 2013

UPDATE: All issues have been resolved. read more →

New Game: Pictuzzle!

Feb 21st 2013

We're proud to present the latest from Partial Software. We're here to announce the game Pictuzzle: a simple, yet fun puzzle solving game. Based on the classic 15-puzzle, we hope to add a competitiveness to it to push people to the puzzle solving limits! Full with 196 levels, lots of achievements, and a chance to take on your friends and foes with challenges. Check to leader boards to see where you stand. read more →

Plenty of new features for apps

Jan 4th 2013

Lots of updates this month. Currently we have updates for Package Buddy and Vehicle Buddy. We plan on getting another update for Audio Buddy to address some minor issues, but the focus will now be on new apps and games. Here's a breakdown of the new features. read more →

Updates to Apps

Oct 14th 2012

Updates to Package Buddy and Vehicle Buddy have been released today. read more →

Blackout to Protest SOPA and PIPA

Jan 17th 2012

Tomorrow, we are joining other sites with a blackout (roughly 3AM EST to 8PM EST) in their protest of SOPA and PIPA, and any closely related legislation that is now, or will be proposed in the future. If you live in the USA, please let your local Congress members know that you are against such legislation and what it could do to the Internet. read more →