Updates to Apps

Oct 14th 2012

Updates to Package Buddy and Vehicle Buddy have been released today.

A notable difference for Package Buddy is the new list layout for active packages. We have added an ETA in days on the right side. This is available only if the carrier provides it. We have also fixed some issues and cleaned up some layouts.

Brand new to Vehicle Buddy is a similar style layout as Package Buddy. Nice and clean holo-themed layout. We have also expanded how information is accessed by separating fill ups from other maintenance items. You can easily slide from left to right on many screens to quickly get information on your vehicle and its maintenance. Lastly we updated how alerts work for Pro or higher users. You can now set exactly how many miles you want to be alerted on (both total mileage or mileage from when the alert was set). You can also set a time duration or a specific date for an alert.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and like always, if you notice any problems, please contact us so we can hopefully quickly fix them.