Plenty of new features for apps

Jan 4th 2013

Lots of updates this month. Currently we have updates for Package Buddy and Vehicle Buddy. We plan on getting another update for Audio Buddy to address some minor issues, but the focus will now be on new apps and games. Here\'s a breakdown of the new features.

Package Buddy

Brand new features in the latest update to Package Buddy!

We\'ve added two new ways to add packages. The first is through clicking on select carrier links for packages. When you do this, you will be automatically taken to the Package Add screen with the relevant information filled out. We\'ll try to add support for more carriers in the upcoming updates.

The second way is for Pro users with an account. Simply forward your package confirmation emails to packages [at] The package information will be automatically retrieved and added to your account. To accompany this, Package Buddy allows you to add aliases emails to your account so you can forward from multiple email addresses

These two new features are still in beta, so please contact us if you notice any problems.

Other new features include the ability to sort by ETA for active packages, a fully redesigned package details screen, and lastly, the ability to add a second carrier for packages that are handed off to another carrier for delivery.

Vehicle Buddy

We\'ve added the ability to add custom vehicles types for any vehicles that just don\'t match what is there currently. We\'ve also added the ability to add the maintenance type of \'fee\' for insurance costs, plates, or anything else you can think of.

We\'ve also added a few more stat tracking including time and duration since, along with cost per distance for maintenance. For vehicle information, we\'ve added average maintenance cost, average gas cost, and average total cost.

We hope you enjoy the new features.


In other news, we\'re getting ready for finish our first puzzle game. Hopefully you\'ll be able to find and enjoy it in the upcoming month.

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